15 Nov 2013, #announcements, #google

Noogler at Google

Earlier this month, I began my new gig at Google. So I’m now officially a “noogler” (new Googler), with the propeller hat that goes along with the title.

My first week was the customary orientation week down in Mountain View. I am now back to Seattle and have joined the team at Kirkland working on Cloud and Developer infrastructure space (not surprising) that builds developer tools and experiences to provide the back-end infrastructure powering Google development and developers on the Google’s cloud platform. Its going to be exciting time to be in this space at Google, as its cloud offering grows up, and being a part of that.

Of course, its still super early for me, and I’m looking forward to exactly which project I’ll be focusing on. I strongly believe in doing concrete stuff and shipping. At the same time, I am also looking forward to learning a whole bunch - whether its technologies, different perspectives, and more (there is just so much), as well as exploring things in the works already before pitching in some ideas I’d love to see come through. Exciting times ahead! As things progress, and settle, I hope to be able to write and share more of the specifics.

I waited a bit to post this (ok, just couple of weeks) to share first impressions, but some things that stood out for me during this short time:

  • Bold thinking. I love the philosophy behind “10X” combined with focusing on the user first and foremost. I look forward to seeing that in practice, and being a part of that.
  • Transparency (and lots of it). The level of information sharing, not just in terms of being able to see/search across the codebase, but in terms of open communication and dialogue, is indeed refreshing.
  • Attitude of fun, passion, and optimism… I guess Googlers would say, being “Googley”!
  • And of course, the awesome food and abundance of choice (esp. down in Mountain View). :)

Noogler Hat

My noogler hat. Plush toy courtesy of the theme my group has going to make the space more googley.