Introducing Cloud Datalab and Cloud Dataproc

14 Oct 2015, #google, #cloud, #datalab, #dataproc

Yesterday, we released Cloud Datalab into beta. And just a few weeks back, we released Cloud Dataproc beta. And today new blog post… after something of a long hiatus. :)

Both of these releases join the family of big data products and services on Google Cloud Platform, and build on popular tools - Jupyter (aka IPython) and Hadoop/Spark. We’re want to enable people to use familiar tools with Google Cloud easily and simply.

Cloud DataLab

Cloud Datalab

Cloud Datalab builds on Jupyter, aka IPython, and interactive notebooks, for data exploration, analysis and visualization.

Cloud Datalab

BigQuery SQL, Python Pandas, and Matplotlib - from data to insight

Cloud Datalab is on GitHub as an open source project. We’re just getting started and are actively working on the project, so be sure to watch it for updates. Or fork it to work on a contribution.