22 Oct 2013, #announcements

Time for Change

I am finally resurrecting my blog… and hope to get back into posting from time to time.

Its actually a time for a bigger change for me personally. As you might notice from my short about blurb below, and for those who have known me, I have decided to move on to the next step in my career after a long, and awesome journey at Microsoft.

I had a blast there, learned a ton, and got to ship some great products over the course of 16 years, and am thankful to all the folks I got a chance to work with, to make all that possible. As I mentioned in my farewell email to friends and colleagues, this experience I had right out of college, is simply un-substitutable, and I leave wishing folks the best in everything they do. First, I’m taking a small break, before starting on my new role. I’ll certainly share more in due time on twitter, and over here, on what I do next… stay tuned.

Of course, a break wouldn’t be complete for a geek/engineer without delving into something technical, at least for some time. So I’ve been tinkering with a few ideas for a mobile app, in addition to setting up this blog.

I chose to go “simple” this time: A simple static blog, powered by markdown, jekyll and github pages. Same goes with the design. I did try to follow the whole responsive-design, mobile-first approach (gotta learn with first-hand experience), and keep things minimalistic. You can check out my repository if you’d like. Way simpler than what I had built the first go-around many years back: a dynamically rendered, database-backed web application. And that jives with what I’ve certainly learned along the way - focus on simplicity!